Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I’ve never blogged before so hello people out there!  I warmly invite you to reply with any thoughts you might add to my own.

Now that I have given up most of my orchestral playing, I find myself with time to reflect on the continuance of life as a musician. I am well on in my 7th decade, but not yet entirely decayed. The Beach Boys album Keepin’ the Summer Alive springs to mind. Many of us are happy to turn to other occupations and put the instrument to rest as fingers get stiffer, hearing less acute and stamina reduced, but more than anything I just find I want to carry on trying to play the music I love. I actually enjoy practising and preparing for the occasional concerts I do more than ever before and I would love to hear in this blog how others are dealing with the reduction of professional work vis à vis one’s confidence as a musician, albeit an ancient one.


  1. Hello dear Blogger! Ive never responded to a blog before so this is a novelty for me too. As someone who has followed closely in your 'retiring' footsteps I'm also adjusting to the shift of balance between work and play. The latter is coming out on top so far, though spending the rest of my life playing quartets with you and friends is a diet I could happily live on. Did you mention Ravel?!!! XX Cathy

  2. Yes I did mention Ravel and much look forward to re-connecting with him after 40 odd years!